Radio Showreels

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We're flexible with studio times and available at weekends too. Call or e mail to discuss your needs.

1st hour: Discuss your Radio Showreel Demo and add any other ideas and suggestions your producer Rod Lucas will have. Rehearse in studio and get used to working the SoundCraft 200 (ex BBC Radio 2 mixer) Practice links and programme elements for recording in hour 2. (Rod is there to act as your showreel producer if required).

2nd Hour: Rehearse in studio

3rd Hour: Record programme showreel demo "self op", you'll be controlling mixing desk and digital play-outs and CDs if needed.

4th Hour: Rod will edit your Radio Showreel with you to get another set of ears to your sound and style. We'll choose the good bits and then include them in the final mix. Your showreel will then be burned to CD.

Radio Showreel Day costs £350 (No Vat to pay). Includes studio time and editing of your radio showreel with Producer help if wanted, plus we'll burn on to CD format, mp3 etc.

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